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Building Trust with Small Business Owners WITHOUT Demo Presentations

After successfully scaring one of our clients with several hyperbolic claims, I was asked to speak to a salesman regarding a CRM software that would allegedly solve every single one of my our client’s issues, from Facebook likes to lead generation. The call wasnt so much a disaster but a great example of how content marketing can be more effective than the usual powerpoint torture.
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Practical History Of Content Marketing For Low Attention Span Readers

As internet trends go, there arent any industries unaffected by the rise of certain keywords. Specifically in the marketing industry, we’ve gone through “digital marketing”, “SEO”, and “SEM”, amongst others. The latest trend, however, calls for “content marketing”. Here’s brief history of the term, for those with typical “internet” attention spans.

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Reddit User Outlines Embarrassing Source of Procrastination, Brings Guerilla Out of Hiding

You may have noticed that our blog hasnt been updated since February 21. That’s almost 7 months of procrastination. Sure, I could rationalize procrastination by saying in this past 7 months we had lots of new projects, family issues, etc… But rationalizing is just an excuse. And reading this user’s comment embarrassed and motivated me.
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Hiring A Social Media Consultant? How To Get The Best Out of It

This week we were tasked with training a new hire for one of our clients. This company understood the importance of Google+ Pages for their business, and also wanted to revamp their LinkedIn presence. (Thanks in part to Lisa Barone). They knew it would take more hours to keep additional profiles updated and were looking to save money by hiring somebody internally.
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Your Social Media Silo X Your Social Media Source [CONCILIATION]

It’s been a hectic week and with Halloween on a Monday, it’s easy to say this week will be crazy. But as the entire office was anxious to leave for Halloween, I started noticing that everybody updated their own profiles, completely ignoring our fan page or any other “corporate” profile.

Keeping the fan page updated, they say, it’s the job of the social media department. There are excellent reasons for it:
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Outer Banks Restaurant Guide’s Mobile App Is A Game-Changer

Okay, guerilleros, you know it – the revolucion has taken over your cell phone. The final drop came today, when a magazine publisher, located at the edge of our continent, 3 hours away from any metro area, launched an app that is far more efficient (for its purpose) than any Google app. We havent talked about mobile on the site yet – we focus more on social media marketing on the web. Consider our virginity lost after you read this.
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