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An Idea: Social Media Guerilla For Small Brick & Mortar Business

Most small business owners are scared of Social Media

Most small business owners are scared of Social Media

Guerilleros, here’s an idea: a Social Media Guerilla manual for small businesses.

You guys impressed me so much with your ideas for the social marketing campaign for an online store that I want to open this up for discussion.

My company has been running Social Media Marketing for a handful of local businesses – I’ve posted some of their results here already.

But a lot of smart business owners are scared of social media – they either think it will clog their schedule with Facebook & twitter or they just dont want to let of their control over the brand. (which is BS and we all know it)

I thought about putting together a manual that gives them a clear action path for social updates – something like this:

Events such as a big landscaping project, a nice wedding catering, or a funny mma fight a ┬ábecome a full blog post – write a quick blurb about the event (Who, What, Where, When, Why) and attach the most relevant pictures with the people’s names on them (so their names are indexed and they can find it)

After each blog post, you update Facebook (your profile, the fan page…) about the new blog post you wrote, and let the Fan page update your twitter automatically.

In between events (I’m assuming they wont post something new everyday) you can upload one pic every now and then to Facebook with a teaser to their blog.

What do you think, Guerilla brothers?

Let me know – leave a comment!

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