What’s your excuse for running a free blogger blogspot blog?

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Use your social media brain and get a real wordpress blog

On our last post I showed you how easy it is to transfer all of your blogger content to a brand new wordpress blog. It showed how wordpress can host all of your content with a few quick clicks.

I also pointed you in the direction of a full tutorial that shows how to get a reliable wordpress blog hosting.

So what is your excuse for having a free blog?

If you’re a social media guerillero looking to dominate whatever battle you’re fighting, what’s stopping you from having a decent, professional blog hosted at your own domain?

I’d love to hear your answers.

What could possibly make you use a weird address like instead of a simple

The Image/Brand Effect

I may be offending some people with this comment – but do you know what comes to my mind everytime somebody tells me their blog address and it’s a blogger blog?


And the fact is – I’m right.

And even if I’m wrong, and they’re not newbies, they’re just too lazy to transfer their stuff to a new domain?

Somehow this doesnt compute in my brain.

The SEO aspect

I honestly cant say that having your own domain is better for seo – but I do know that one of the main reasons people just dont transfer their blogger over to a real wordpress domain is that they’re afraid of losing their rankings.

The thing is – the plugins that wordpress offers can make your life a heck of a lot easier when it comes to SEO.

Plus, there are channels you can use to get BLOGSPOT to place a redirect over to your new domain. That should clear most search engine issues.

So, please tell me  – why would ever have a free hosted blog?

Sign up for Hostgator now – and then follow this tutorial to install WordPress on your domain

Talk to you soon!

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