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Attracting Fans on Facebook (How to Get People to Like Me!)

Good morning Guerrillas! We know the importance of a blog, Facebook, and Twitter. We talked before about how to build a blog community, so today lets talk about building a fan base on Facebook. How do you get from 3 fans (including you) to 3,000 fans? It takes some time, but it can be done with minimal effort if you’re smart about it.

First, your quickest fans are your blog readers. Make sure that it is EXTREMELY easy for your blog followers to follow you on Facebook as well. Put a big Facebook button on your page and tell people to use it. It can help you establish an early fan base.

Make sure you interact with your fans on Facebook. And people love to be heard, so ask questions asking about their thoughts and ideas. Ask them for advice. Just get them engaged. And when people comment, make sure you reply to it. Don’t just ask a question and wonder off; let your fans know you actually care about their answer.

You can also use a FB similar to a blog for short snippets of info, links to other blogs, or to share pictures and videos of things applicable to your page. You want them to be interested and entertained by your page. Then they tell their friends and the word spreads.

Once you have some interesting posts up, start inviting people over. My favorite way to do this is to become a fan of a page related to my business, then use the @ sign to put my post on their page. TO do this, simply type @ in the text box then the first few letters of the name of the page you want your post on, and a list of friends will pop up that match what you’re typing. It will put a hyperlink in, as well as reposting the post.

Now people on the other page will hopefully see your post and follow it back to your site, and be so enthralled with you’re content, they will become fans.

How to Build a Blog Community in 6 Easy Steps!

You should already be familiar with these sites!

You should already be familiar with these sites!

That’s right, Guerilleros! As I promised, today we are going to look at how YOU can build a loyal fan base around your blog! I discussed the importance of a blog in the last post, and today I am going to give you 6 steps to follow for building a blog community that can attract real attention. Everything in it is easy, and with a little maintenance, you can have a killer blog following! Read More…

The Importance of Building a Blog Community for Your Business

Wait, that's not 3.0!

Wait, that's not 3.0!

Bet you thought the Guerilla Chefe was back when you saw that boring title, didn’t you? Sorry, Guerilleros. It’s still Guerilla Roberto. This week however, the Chefe did pick the topic and that’s why I picked the title.  Personally, I would have made a pun. But pun’s don’t do so well in SEO. So let’s get down to business and discuss why blogs are so important to any business now! Read More…

Social Media Blindside

Good Morning Guerilleros! Actually it’s about 2:30 in the afternoon my time, but it’s AM somewhere. Today the Guerlla Chefe suggested we discuss proper use of a blog. We’ve been discussing the proper way to utilize a blog, and felt that it might be an appropriate discussion for this blog. And it kind of goes hand in hand with the last post on getting people to read your blog. Read More…

How to Get People to Read!(At Least a Little)

Hello Guerilleros! Today I want to share a variety of content tips. These may be basic to some of you, but hey, we get new people coming to the site everyday, and they might not know this. I had to learn it, and so did you.

Apparently no one actually READS anything online, they scan it for content, and just read things that catch their eye. Except for my faithful Guerilleros, you guys read every word of these posts, right? Right?! Read More…

A Change Has Come…

I am a writer by trade.

I am a writer by trade.

Hello Guerilleros. I am Guerilla Roberto. As you are probably aware, the site hasn’t been updated much lately. Unfortunately for us, but fortunate for him, our Guerilla Chefe has been overwhelmed lately with new projects that are sucking up all of his time.

As a result of this social media frenzy, I have been asked to step in and take over for awhile. And for my first post, I will just introduce myself. Next week we will serve up a new tip or trick from the mouth of the Guerilla Chefe himself.

I am not exactly a social media guru, I am a writer. Hence I will now be writing this blog. As a friend and co-worker of the  Guerilla Chefe, I have unwittingly been involved in the chaos that is social media marketing. So far, it has been very good to me, and I hope to share some of the things I have learned along the way. I hope you all enjoy my style as much as you do our Guerilla Chefe.

And while I don’t know what the future holds, I do know the revolution hasn’t ended. In fact, we’re just entering a new phase. From now on, this site will be updated every week at least once. That’s right, we’re bringing some consistency to the site (and some better grammar!)

And for my final parting shot, how many of you can say Guerilleros out loud, with the correct pronunciation? That’s a tongue twister!

Does Your Business Suffer From Social Media Anxiety?

Social Media Anxiety affects MANY businesses... Kill It Now!

Social Media Anxiety affects MANY businesses... Kill It Now!

You’ve received an internationally famed professional into your company, he presented super cool new techniques, and you’re very excited about it…. Who do you tell?

You’ve just won an award of excellence that was voted on by your own community …. Who’s going to know about it?

Guerilleros, the situations above may seem impossible for us, but they are REALITY for way-too-many business owners. Trust me – I’ve had clients that won a State Tournaments in a major category and they told me about it two months later.

Sometimes, they will even surprise me and run a freaking TV ad bragging about their award…

But most of the time, they simply do nothing. I’ve written about social media silos before, but this is way worse.

In your daily Guerilla, I’m sure you run into people that still see blogs and social networks as a useless teenage passtime, like MTV. But have you ever asked these people how much they spend on Press Releases? Impressive enough, if they even have a PR budget, they will eventually drive themselves into this conclusion:

“I’m smart enough to pay this super famous magician to come entertain the drunks at my bar – I may be even smart enough to change the message on the Marquee – But where else can I post such a major announcement? Huhh… Maybe, if I had a platform I could update as I see fit, that my current drunks and potential drunks from the area would check, maybe leave a comment, or even see their own pictures?”

So lose the darn Social Media Anxiety – everything is BLOGsworthy

Receptionist had a baby? Post about it.
Have a crazy customer? Post about it (but omit the names)
Just closed a major deal? Post about it.
PR people wants to charge you $400/release? Laugh about it and post about it.

And to make sure you post gets seen (also, to reduce the traffic anxiety issues) be sure to start using SYNND.

You can sign for a free trial here

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