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Join The Social Media Guerilla


Guerilleros are sneaky.

We use stealth tactics to accomplish our goals…

And we’re far away by the time anybody ever realizes we were there!

Pay close attention as we “leak” insider info that will put the “establishment” in awe.

Use social media guerilla in moderation. We give it to thee, we taketh.


4 Responses to About SM Guerilla
  1. Justin Ziran

    We’re looking for a social media guru and I came across your “writings” via google. I was wondering if you contract or consult? We are VERY eager and have some really compelling brands to work with.

    Let me know.

  2. guerilla

    Justin, GuerillaRoberto just told me about your comment and I came to see it. I briefly looked over necaonline.com and dugg the toys 😉 Will send you an email in the morning and see how can we help you. Thanks for joining the guerilla!

  3. Tad

    We’re working on a new online app that we hope to launch in 3 months. We are looking for a social media buzz specialist to design, launch, manage and staff a guerilla social network marketing campaign. Any leads on the right individual or company would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

  4. guerilla

    Hey Tad,
    We’ll be more than happy to get the Guerilla Chefe to layout an attack plan 😉 He’s the right individual, and he’s got the company (us) to support it. I will ask him to send you an email right away.