The Dumb-Proof Guide To Google+ (in Under 30 secs)

Guerilleros, this is a quick post based on a flash of inspiration sparked by fellow Google+er PlusCrunch Jay. Jay had JUST posted about his recent 170-second guide to Google+, which is itself a response to gazillion other guides to G+ out there.

As a great content skimmer that I am after midnight (actually, all the time), I told him his guide was still too long. And then I gave him my 3-second guide:

Put family in the family circle. NEVER share you lolcatz orĀ +Robert Scoble ‘s discussions with them. Put friends in the friends circle. Put co-workers in their own circle. Follow the same advice for every social circle you can think of, and then forget where you put JOE and share all of your content in PUBLIC mode

Isnt it just perfect?

Yeah, I’ve just posted about small businesses using Google+ , and of course, there’s a lot more to it than my 3-second guide shows. Clearly.

Jay’s guide is a great start to get your G+ Geek Mode on. Make sure you read it, comment on it, and then add him to your circles on G+.

Not on G+ yet? Leave me a comment below (use a real email!) and I will send you an invite. If you’re on G+, find me there.

Should Your Small Business Invest On Google+?

Google’s most eagerly awaited social networking product finally came out not even a month ago and it has already reached 18M+ users, and has been ALL the rage on tech blogs everywhere. Clearly, the least thing you want is to have to learn yet another set of jargons (people are just now getting used to “Facebook Me” and “Like Us”).
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