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Social Media Marketing in the Movie Industry

Hey Guerilleros, it’s time for another post! Yay!! Sorry we haven’t posted anything in such a long time, but you know how it is when you get busy; all the side projects get put on hold. However, we’ve been working on some fantastic new projects that will certainly be responsible for some fantastic future articles.
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Social Media and Privacy – A Simple Solution

This week, I spent a lot of time setting up various methods of communicating with people. I probably spent at least 5 hours just making it easier for people to find me and talk to me online. And of course, I already had all the common utilities like Facebook and Twitter. And as I did this optimization, I started thinking about privacy concerns on Facebook and other sites, especially after Mark got hacked.

A lot of people have multiple concerns about privacy on Facebook, Twitter and other sites, calling for more stringent protection. They are consumed with the thought that people might be able to see them. While Facebook has several different levels of privacy settings, they’re not good enough for a lot of people.

Online Privacy: An Oxymoron

I don’t get it. You’re online. It’s the internet. Were these people raised with no common sense? How can you expect privacy when you have no direct control over the medium? Much like celebrity sex tapes, once you put it down in a format that can be distributed easily, there is no realistic guarantee of privacy. It’s a shame, maybe, but it’s the truth.

So I propose a very simple solution. Don’t put anything private online. If you don’t want anyone else to know, then don’t say it or show it, especially not on service that is designed to share info, like Facebook.

My Facebook account is wide open to everyone. Anyone reading this can go to Facebook right now and see everything on my wall and all of my photo’s. Why? Because there is no info on there that I wouldn’t tell you anyway. So I don’t really care who see’s it, and anything I don’t want available to everyone, I share either in emails or in person. And I certainly wouldn’t put anything that might be embarrassing to me on there.

Of course, that’s just me. But I encourage you all to do the same. My grandmother, God rest her soul, always said “Fools names and fools faces are often seen in public places.” And my grandma didn’t raise no fools.

Social Media Guerilla brings tips and tricks for effective social media marketing, as well as social commentary to anyone who is interested, or will at least listen. We are waging a war on traditional marketing techniques. We are the underground. We are the future. Enlist now.

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Jeff Johnson’s Coaching Program Is Live – Here’s The Guerilla Bonus!

Social Media Guerilla BIG Bonus for Jeff Johnson

Social Media Guerilla BIG Bonus for Jeff Johnson

So Jeff Johnson’s private coaching program went live a few minutes ago – (he’s the guy that created the free seo traffic plugin for wordpress) and we’ve put together a KILLER bonus if any of our guerilleros(as) wants to get access to his tremendous knowledge and cool tools.

First of all, Jeff is offering a full 30-day money back guarantee AND letting you keep all the tools. So there’s NOTHING at risk here.

Second of all, you get FULL ACCESS to my entire TEAM.

Yes, you read it right:

My entire team will be available to you to help out on any marketing endeavor that Jeff puts you through.

Need to setup a blog? Get my team to do it.

Need to learn how to use Camtasia? Get my team to do it.

Want to have your twitter and facebook updates outsourced? Want to manage multiple twitter accounts?

Let my team find you the best way.


$1500 BONUS For Jeff Johnson

PLUS – you get 10 hours of consulting from me – I will give you my personal cell phone number (the one I answer) and you will have a $1500 credit to get me to answer all your questions and help in any project!

Heck – with my team and Jeff’s team helping you out, there’s NO WAY to stop you from making money.

Get in NOW:

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Does Your Business Suffer From Social Media Anxiety?

Social Media Anxiety affects MANY businesses... Kill It Now!

Social Media Anxiety affects MANY businesses... Kill It Now!

You’ve received an internationally famed professional into your company, he presented super cool new techniques, and you’re very excited about it…. Who do you tell?

You’ve just won an award of excellence that was voted on by your own community …. Who’s going to know about it?

Guerilleros, the situations above may seem impossible for us, but they are REALITY for way-too-many business owners. Trust me – I’ve had clients that won a State Tournaments in a major category and they told me about it two months later.

Sometimes, they will even surprise me and run a freaking TV ad bragging about their award…

But most of the time, they simply do nothing. I’ve written about social media silos before, but this is way worse.

In your daily Guerilla, I’m sure you run into people that still see blogs and social networks as a useless teenage passtime, like MTV. But have you ever asked these people how much they spend on Press Releases? Impressive enough, if they even have a PR budget, they will eventually drive themselves into this conclusion:

“I’m smart enough to pay this super famous magician to come entertain the drunks at my bar – I may be even smart enough to change the message on the Marquee – But where else can I post such a major announcement? Huhh… Maybe, if I had a platform I could update as I see fit, that my current drunks and potential drunks from the area would check, maybe leave a comment, or even see their own pictures?”

So lose the darn Social Media Anxiety – everything is BLOGsworthy

Receptionist had a baby? Post about it.
Have a crazy customer? Post about it (but omit the names)
Just closed a major deal? Post about it.
PR people wants to charge you $400/release? Laugh about it and post about it.

And to make sure you post gets seen (also, to reduce the traffic anxiety issues) be sure to start using SYNND.

You can sign for a free trial here

Social Media Marketing for an Online Store?

Social Media Halloween? Scary!

Social Media Halloween? Scary!

Guerilleros, today I ask for advice – my social guerilla skills have been put to test and I’m falling short at this moment.

I’ve been given the opportunity to manage the social marketing for an online costume store for toddlers called – tcharan… – Their stuff is really cool (a bit pricey, but so am I…)

They’re brand new online, and according to their analytics, they’ve been receiving a decent amount of organic traffic for keywords such as kids harry potter halloween costumes and cinderella halloween costumes.

They need, however, to increase their brand exposure and want to interact with their customers through Social Media. (Dont we all?)

Their blog is well advertised within the site (on the upper right corner), but receives very little traffic. Apparently, their posts have been indexed, some are even on Digg and Reddit, but far from achieving the social viral effect.

Here’s my issue – social marketing for “real” businesses has the advantage that I can go in and get footage of their service/products, which makes content much more viral-friendly. For an online store, however, I’m coming up blank when I try to create an identity that doesnt consist of “buy our costumes”.

I’ve looked at Zappos and to a certain extent, Amazon, but their approach to Social Media is nothing like what these guys want to do: Zappos has their CEO on twitter, and on a personal blog, which adds a persona, a “face” to the brand. He barely speaks of the company’s products on his blog.

What CuteToddlers has been doing is basically discussing and advertising their costumes on the blog – yes, they add lots of personal touches to the posts, but they’re still salesy. Maybe that’s what I should work towards – getting a social media fan within the company and working with her/him to create a company “persona”.

What do you think?

Leave your comments – they are always DOFOLLOW and approved very quickly.

Social Guerilla Marketing Done Right: The X-One Mug

X-One is the most socially active coffee mug ever!

X-One is the most socially active coffee mug ever!

Guerilleros, today over at the ASI Central I read a cool post about 5 hot marketing trends and if it’s hot, there’s social media all over it.

No doubt, Social Media was the very first “hot trend” (they call it “trend”, we know it’s a GUERILLA!) and even though they didn’t seem to be very familiar with the topic, they picked a real Guerilla strategy to talk about: The X-One Mug Fan Page

The company that makes the X1 (Gold Bond Inc.) decided that

As a travel mug, the X-one is always going places, so the marketing team figured social media was a natural fit, and the X-one Facebook page was born

Pretty clever, huh?

There are a ton of reasons why Gold Bond marketing director Karen Sherrill should receive a considerable bonus, but here at the Guerilla we’ll discuss why their campaign works like charm:

Social Media Marketing With Humour

Attention to details: humor and constant updates on the x-one fan page

Attention to details: humor and constant updates on the x-one fan page

Now raise your hands those who enjoy when companies make fun of themselves… ???

When you go social, online or offline, it’s your personality that attracts people – and the X-One team have created a darn cool one for their fan page.

Mentioning personality is important not only to make the X-One remarkable but to instigate people to talk about it (like I’m doing right now).

I’ve written about the guerilla marketing viral effect and how content goes viral when there’s a benefit to the user that is syndicating it.

Sherill proved to be a master guerillera when she stated this in regards to being remarkable:

One of the important elements seems to be humor or intrigue that will give friends and fans a reason to pick your tweets and posts out of the onslaught of others

Why the x1 Guerilla Marketing Has Gone Viral

Sherill and her team have made the X-One campaign extremely engaging by asking people to share how and where they take their mugs. When customers send them pictures, they’re all published on the fan page under the album “Places I Have Been“.

Check out these pics from the album:

Is that a successful campaign or what?

Is that a successful campaign or what?

Remarkable social media marketing...!

Remarkable social media marketing...!

They’re completely NOT A SOCIAL MEDIA SILO – From their facebook page, you can see that the entire company participates: there are mentions of the plant manager, becky the sales rep…

What they missed – Subtle Monetizing…

We could not find a link to the company website at the fan page, and we could not find a link to their twitter account either.

ATTENTION: Good social media guerillas are subtle about these strategies, and it’s not a bad practice to make it a bit less obvious for your visitors that you’re trying to sell something.

In the X-One case, however, they’re really not trying to sell anything. Their approach is almost entirely entertaining, and that’s where they missed the point:

What If I wanted to buy an X-One?

My wife drinks more coffee than Brazil can export it, and I’d love to buy her one.

How about a link to a “” domain with more pictures, and an online order form?

Anyway, many praises to Sherill and the marketing team at Gold Bond Inc. They’ve put together a really powerful guerilla campaign, and it should be an inspiration for companies who think social media marketing is about blasting 140 character ads over twitter.

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