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Gartner 2016 CMO Survey Shows Even B2Bs Investing in Digital Commerce

Today, management looks to marketers for innovation to increase profits and gain competitive edge. 10% of marketers say their roles are expanding to lead digital business models as spending and expectations grow for CMOs and their teams. And with a whopping 92% of survey respondents claiming to have P&L responsibilities in the next couple years, it’s not surprising that B2C and B2B companies are investing in Digital Commerce to build better brand experiences overall.
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Can Social Media Revive the Radio Star?

Video may have killed the radio star, but social media is bringing back the radio station. In today’s world of 24/7 connectivity, traditional forms of media have found they either need to adapt or they’ll become obsolete. While television and film industries have been slowly adapting to the new way of the world, radio has been a little slower to jump on the bandwagon.
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Hiring A Social Media Consultant? How To Get The Best Out of It

This week we were tasked with training a new hire for one of our clients. This company understood the importance of Google+ Pages for their business, and also wanted to revamp their LinkedIn presence. (Thanks in part to Lisa Barone). They knew it would take more hours to keep additional profiles updated and were looking to save money by hiring somebody internally.
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Your Social Media Silo X Your Social Media Source [CONCILIATION]

It’s been a hectic week and with Halloween on a Monday, it’s easy to say this week will be crazy. But as the entire office was anxious to leave for Halloween, I started noticing that everybody updated their own profiles, completely ignoring our fan page or any other “corporate” profile.

Keeping the fan page updated, they say, it’s the job of the social media department. There are excellent reasons for it:
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Top 2 FREE WordPress Social Media And SEO Plugins

Opa, Guerilleros!

On my last post I talked about how to extend the life of your social media links with SEO, and one of the tips I shared was to have an attractive and easy-to-use Social Sharing plugin. Today, we’ll go over my two favorite social sharing plugins for WordPress. As you know, we’re huge fans of WordPress for SEO because of the extensive plugin availability and its flexibility.

1. AddThis

AddThis is available free, for any website, not just WordPress. Their API allows social media integration with pretty much any community, and they have a list of 338 services (and growing).  If you’re a developer, it’s a paradise. For us WordPress users, they have their own WP plugin. You need to have an account with them to enable the full set of features for the plugin, but it’s super easy to customize the look and feel of the buttons, it’s placement on the page (above, below, or both), and which services you want to show your users.

Their coolest feature, however, is the free analytics dashboard they provide. It tracks every time somebody uses the plugin, in the form of “shares”, and then it tracks how many clicks that shared link received, so you know what was your site’s ‘VIRAL LIFT’.

To give you a better example, let’s say a user clicks the “tweet” button and another clicks the “like” button – you now have 2 shares. Once the link goes to Twitter, it receives 3 clicks. The Facebook link receives 5. You now have 8 clicks out of those 2 share actions. Finally, AddThis calculates your Viral Lift, giving you a percentage increase in traffic due to shares and clicks.


Reasons why we like it:

  • Very helpful Analytics
  • Weekly email reports!
  • Extensive list of services
  • Easy to use

Reasons why we dont use it all of the time:

  • It conflicts with a few other plugins in WordPress – not every wordpress plugin is tightly-coded, and sometimes we see errors. Always check your site after implementing a new plugin.

So, AddThis is awesome. It’s my favorite Social Media plugin thus far. I recommend it to anybody, specially if you have a bit more experience with code.

2. Tweet, Like, Share and Plus One

Another plugin I’m proud to recommend is the Tweet, Like, Share, and Plus One.  Despite its name, they offer 5 main buttons -Twitter, FB Like, Google +1, Linkedin and FB Share. On their homepage, they state, rightfully so, that 99% of social sharing is done with these services, so why bother with the other 1%?

TLSP1 also has a great support page and a few other neat plugins – I’ve used the scrolling version of their plugin in one of our sites, and it works very well.

Reasons why we like TLSP1

  • It does its job extremely well
  • It allows great developmental flexibility
  • It’s super fast to load
  • Rarely there’s any conflict

Why dont we use it all of the time?

  • It doesnt offer analytics

WordPress Social Media Plugins Roundup

Between AddThis and TLSP1, you have everything you could possibly want from a social sharing plugin. Give them both a try, and let us know how they fare in your Guerilla. Leave a comment here with your findings. And if you have a favorite plugin, we want to know about it. Is it better? Why?

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