The Hesher Campaign – An Unusual Strategy for an Unusual Movie

Good morning, Guerilleros! Summer is coming, and with summer comes summer blockbusters! Some of the biggest and best movies come out this time of year, and with a line up that includes Thor, Captain America and the Green Lantern, it’s going to be a great summer for comic book fans. But the movie I’m talking about today is Hesher.


Hesher stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt (3rd Rock from the Sun, G.I. Joe), Rainn Wilson (The Office) and Natalie Portman (V for Vendetta, Black Swan) and will be released in theaters in May. The plot is about a man who lost his wife and his son who are both suffering from the loss until Hesher shows up and changes their lives.

While it may sound like a heart wrencher, it’s not. Hesher is a foul mouthed pot head who lives by rules that aren’t entirely normal. The soundtrack is half Metallica, and even the title font is done to look like the Metallica logo.

Defacing Photos

We’ve been working very closely with director Spencer Susser on the social media campaign, and it has revolved around taking normal pictures and videos and “Hesher-izing” them. Popular videos from Youtube and pictures of famous people have all been tagged.

Originally, fans could post their pictures to the Hesher personal profile and the director would tag them all. Now, however, the official Hesher Facebook fan page has an app to let you deface your own pictures with some Hesher graffiti. The app is the Hesher De-Facebook, and I’ve included an example with my cat, Demon.

Demon Before

Demon Before

Demon Defaced

Demon Defaced

Naturally, we’ve also started a Hesher Twitter campaign, and we’re very active on both the personal and fan pages on Facebook. It’s generated an overwhelmingly positive response, and we’re eagerly awaiting the release of the movie. It’s been a lot of fun working with everyone involved. Rainn Wilson and Metallica, as well as others, have made mention of the movie to their fans, and we get a large amount of traffic from related sites. So when Hesher releases in May, make sure you go see it and help support our marketing campaign!

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