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Can Social Media Revive the Radio Star?

Video may have killed the radio star, but social media is bringing back the radio station. In today’s world of 24/7 connectivity, traditional forms of media have found they either need to adapt or they’ll become obsolete. While television and film industries have been slowly adapting to the new way of the world, radio has been a little slower to jump on the bandwagon.
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Social Media Marketing in the Movie Industry

Hey Guerilleros, it’s time for another post! Yay!! Sorry we haven’t posted anything in such a long time, but you know how it is when you get busy; all the side projects get put on hold. However, we’ve been working on some fantastic new projects that will certainly be responsible for some fantastic future articles.
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How to Boost Your Facebook Fan Page Using Tags!

Hello Guerilleros! Today is a lovely, cool day on the Island; much preferred over the sweltering heat we usually get.  It’s a perfect day to wear the new shirt the Guerilla Chefe got me. It’s from one of our clients and I’ve been wanting one for a while,  but since it’s long sleeve I had to wait for it to get a bit cooler.

So this morning I put it on, and it looked really good on me, so I took a picture of myself wearing it. Naturally, I uploaded it to my personal Facebook.

From here, I wanted to show all the people involved how well it fit. We all know that tagging the photo itself puts the picture on the persons wall, but you can’t photo tag with a fan page and I wanted the clients fans to see the pic as well.

So I put a message with the photo and I used the @ to tag people. When you type @, followed by whoever you’re trying to tag, Facebook will pop up a little selection of your friends and pages you like. Just pick who you’re looking for, and you’re good to go. But to tag someone, you have to be friends with them, or Like them.

Clearly, this is incredibly useful. If you have a company that sells kitchen furnishings, why not talk about Vetrazzo counter tops and tag Vetrazzo in your update? Then your post will appear on both your site and the Vetrazzo site. And, generally, there are more followers on their page who will hopefully follow back to your page and become fans.

I would warn you though, don’t abuse it. It has been my experience that other pages will take offense if you start blowing them up with your posts.

So thats this weeks update. The Guerrilla Chefe is beckoning, so I best be wrapping this post up. And of course, don’t forget to search the rest of the site for more social media guerrilla warfare tactics.  See you next week, Guerilleros!

The Impact of Google TV on Social Media Marketing

Hey Guerilleros! I was browsing through my email, and I got a message from the Guerilla Chefe about Google TV.  I watched all the videos, and I have to say, it’s an ambitious project, and it sort of reminds me of MSN’s WebTV and Apple TV in certain ways. Of course,if anyone can finally break down the barrier between TV and internet, Google can.

I don’t plan to talk about what Google TV is, you can find that on your own. I want to talk about possibilities. Ways to take advantage of a new technology. Several different ideas come to mind pretty quickly.

PPC based on TV

This is a no brainer. If PPC ads can read your search query, it can read what you’re watching on TV. Instead of basing your ads on keywords, in the future you may need to think about the TV that your potential customers are watching. This could be very interesting.  If you have a bakery, and someone sets their Google TV to record Cake Boss every week, possibly they would like your product.

Oh look, it already exists.

Direct Fan Interaction During Television Shows

Imagine watching the newest episode of The Big Bang Theory, and Chuck Lorre pops up in a little live chat on the side of the  screen and talks about the episode your watching. And not only that, but since it’s a live chat, you can interact with him. Awesome right? So how is this marketing? Well, imagine if you offered a similar service. Nice, right?

Community Building

If you have a way to tie your product to a TV show, you are golden. Find a way. You have a chiropractor for a client? Hey, Alan on Two and a Half Men is a chiropractor. It’s a valid enough connection. Start basing your communities around TV shows, and the clients will come from the fan base. Most popular shows have viewers in the millions.

Pulling it all Together

Let’s say I Like House on Facebook. I find an ad asking me to join a specialized House fan page run by a doctor who is local to my area.  I do, and the next time I’m watching House, I have the opportunity to chat with other fans as the show is playing. I eventually become a regular member of the community, because I am interacting with fellow fans as the show is on. This is the key time to catch me being receptive to a House community. And of course, the next time I get sick, guess what doctor I’m going to see? The one running the fan community I belong to.

Yeah, that was a pretty contrived example, but you can see where it’s going. This opens a whole lot of ways to interact with your community, and we didn’t even talk about apps yet. Google Tv apps open even more doors.

Well Guerilleros, that’s about it for me today. I have a few fan communities of my own to go take care of. And remember, for more guerilla marketing how-to’s and such, keep coming back to Social Media Guerilla!

Custom Landing Pages on Facebook

Good morning, Guerilleros! It’s about two in the morning local time, and I’m getting pretty tired. I’ve been up half the night playing Halo:Reach, and I think it’s about bed time. However, I have a ritual I follow before bed, and I wanted to cut you in on it.

I like to check out the blogs and sites I follow, as well as Facebook. You know, like Copyblogger, Mashable, and Techcrunch. They’re all kind of industry related. However, sparked by a Monster-fueled Halothon, I decided to pop in on the Xbox community over on Facebook.

I had never been to their FB page, and it was nice. They have 3  custom FBML pages. One for everyone, one for the hardcore gamers (like me!), and one for the new Kinect. Of course, even though it has a separate tab, the “All” page had the Kinect, as well. And that was also the landing page.

Just recently, I had to ask the Guerilla Chefe how to set my custom FBML page as the landing page for everyone. It’s so simple, I felt dumb for not knowing. So just to keep you from feeling dumb, here it is really quick.

Go to a page you admin. On a page you admin, click “Edit Page”

See? I even highlited what to click.

See? I even highlited what to click.

Click “Edit” under “Wall Settings”

Select which landing page you want from the drop-down.

That’s it in it’s entirety. I told you it was pretty easy, and for some reason I even included pictures. So hopefully you guys learned something, and now, I have a few more Covenant to kill before bed.

OAuth and T.CO and How They Affect Twitter (And You!)

Twitter stays at the front of user privacy protection

Twitter stays at the front of user privacy protection

Hello Guerilleros! Recently, the Guerilla Chefe received an email from Twitter discussing two big changes they are implementing. These improvements will be unfolded over the next couple of months. More than likely, a few of you also received the same email, but perhaps, you were a bit confused. Well, lets clear that up.

Update #1- The Rise of OAuth!

The first update is for new authorization rules for applications. This change will begin implementing OAuth, an open standard that will not require you to hand out your password to programs anymore.

Much like a valet key, OAuth gives applications very limited access to your account, so unauthorized users can’t hijack your feed. And you can control exactly how much access this key permits.

And, applications are no longer allowed to store your password. That’s great. You no longer have to worry about someone stealing your phone and gaining access to your password. And lets face it, the majority of people use the same password for almost everything, so keeping it safe is pretty important.

Update #2 – See Where You’re Going!

We comon folk will start experiencing the URL wrapping. This is a n order to provide better content.great feature too. No longer will you need to fret over following a link in a Tweet. Before it even gets to you, it is screened to make sure it’s not affiliated with any sort of malware.

Plus, with the URL wrapping, you’ll actually be able to see where the link is taking you. No more clicking a link to go to amazon, and ending up at 4chan.

Also, Twitter plans to collect data on the sites we click through to, to enhance user experience. I think that is just market speak for “So we can more effectively target you with ads”.

In light of all the problems Facebook seems to have over privacy, it is nice to see a social media site trying to stay ahead of the curve. These updates, while not exactly super cool, are important, and will help protect you and your clients in the long run.

Attracting Fans on Facebook (How to Get People to Like Me!)

Good morning Guerrillas! We know the importance of a blog, Facebook, and Twitter. We talked before about how to build a blog community, so today lets talk about building a fan base on Facebook. How do you get from 3 fans (including you) to 3,000 fans? It takes some time, but it can be done with minimal effort if you’re smart about it.

First, your quickest fans are your blog readers. Make sure that it is EXTREMELY easy for your blog followers to follow you on Facebook as well. Put a big Facebook button on your page and tell people to use it. It can help you establish an early fan base.

Make sure you interact with your fans on Facebook. And people love to be heard, so ask questions asking about their thoughts and ideas. Ask them for advice. Just get them engaged. And when people comment, make sure you reply to it. Don’t just ask a question and wonder off; let your fans know you actually care about their answer.

You can also use a FB similar to a blog for short snippets of info, links to other blogs, or to share pictures and videos of things applicable to your page. You want them to be interested and entertained by your page. Then they tell their friends and the word spreads.

Once you have some interesting posts up, start inviting people over. My favorite way to do this is to become a fan of a page related to my business, then use the @ sign to put my post on their page. TO do this, simply type @ in the text box then the first few letters of the name of the page you want your post on, and a list of friends will pop up that match what you’re typing. It will put a hyperlink in, as well as reposting the post.

Now people on the other page will hopefully see your post and follow it back to your site, and be so enthralled with you’re content, they will become fans.

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