The Importance of Building a Blog Community for Your Business

Wait, that's not 3.0!

Wait, that's not 3.0!

Bet you thought the Guerilla Chefe was back when you saw that boring title, didn’t you? Sorry, Guerilleros. It’s still Guerilla Roberto. This week however, the Chefe did pick the topic and that’s why I picked the title.  Personally, I would have made a pun. But pun’s don’t do so well in SEO. So let’s get down to business and discuss why blogs are so important to any business now!First, let’s clarify a bit. There are two main types of businesses I’m talking about.

  1. The Type that sells a Product
  2. The Type that sells a Service

And the reasons are about the same for both, though you may find some differences.

For a business that sells,  the blog community is it’s free promotional staff. People before internet bought things because they were convinced by clever ads or commercials. Their pool of people they could ask about a product was limited, and they were unlikely to get valuable feedback.

Now however, everyone can make and read comments about products all over the internet. Everyone’s a critic. Now, everyone can learn all the details and pro’s and con’s of a product from other people who have used it, and who they trust more than the company, because they know the people aren’t trying to sell them. It’s a case of consumers being jaded to standard advertising.

However, a business with it’s own blog being updated regularly can build a large base of followers if it has quality content that appeals to people. Whether the content is a detailing of events, or just information related somewhat to the product they are selling, people will read it if it’s good. And then they recommend it to other people on other sites, increasing your base followers.  And with all of these people, they are likely to look to you for your product or service should the need arise. Thereby, making you money.

Indeed, the Guerilla Chefe had a radio interview just because of this site. Word of mouth can get you free advertising in multiple ways!

Make sure you join us next week when I detail a strategy for building a blog community quickly!

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