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Good Morning Guerilleros! Actually it’s about 2:30 in the afternoon my time, but it’s AM somewhere. Today the Guerlla Chefe suggested we discuss proper use of a blog. We’ve been discussing the proper way to utilize a blog, and felt that it might be an appropriate discussion for this blog. And it kind of goes hand in hand with the last post on getting people to read your blog.

Too often it seems that people want to use their blogs as long winded advertisements. That’s not an effective use of a blog. People don’t come back to a blog that’s just a string of commercials. They want content. They want to be informed. And there are several good ways to do this, but generally, I tend to go with two.

My favorite style is to talk about what is going on at the clients place of business. This makes people want to come around more often, so they don’t miss the excitement. Or they see what they DID miss, and make doubly sure to go the next time. It also drives more of the client’s clientele to the blog posts, because they can relive the event they participated in. Try getting a member’s name into the post for bigger bang. We occasionally do member profiles on a fitness club site. It works well for everyone. And it’s just more interesting.

But sometimes you have a client that is boring as hell. Like a hotel that doesn’t throw parties or anything. In that case, give info. Like the top sight seeing spots in the hotel’s area. Or maybe give the top ten travel tips. Shoot a video, and talk about it. Do not just repeatedly slam blog posts about how great the rooms are, or how low the rates are.

That’s not to say you shouldn’t do an ad post every now and again. I mean, you are selling a business here. Just spread them out over a couple posts. And unless you work at a place that is really jamming, you’ll need to use both techniques, and maybe a few you figure out on your own.

Here’s my question for the week. What would you like me to talk about next time? You tell me, I’ll talk about it, even if I have to pull the Guerilla Chefe out to answer it.  Preference goes to questions about writing. Hey, I know writing, what do you expect? See you next time, Guerilleros!

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