How To Create Customized Facebook Fan Pages With FBML

Guerilleros, I’m sure by now you have a Facebook Fan Page. If you dont, then you’re really behind in the game.

A Fan page is the most flexible application for business on Facebook, it allows you to integrate it to your wordpress blog, to twitter, and even to Youtube.

But showing visitors your “wall” may not be the best practice for business, since you have to change that message constantly. Today, I’ll show you how to create a unique landing page for Facebook using FBML.

1. On Facebook, search for Static FBML

You’ll find the application page. Look over on the LEFT UPPER corner, right below the logo.

2. Click on “Add To My Page”

Add To My Page On Static FBML

Add To My Page On Static FBML

3. Pick A Page

Pick A Page To Show Static FBML

Pick A Page To Show Static FBML

That’s it – you’ve installed the application on your Fan Page. Now, let’s get it to work!

Make sure you’re logged in as the page admin. Visit your page and then click on Edit Page.

4. Find the Static FBML App

FBML application for facebok fan pages

FBML application for facebok fan pages

5. Edit The Page

Warning – you’ll need some HTML knowledge to edit the page. Leave me a comment if you need some help with that.

Click on edit and you’ll see this:

FBML page Set Up

FBML page Set Up

6. Add The FBML Page To Your Fan Page Tabs

Back on the “Edit Page” screen, find the FBML application and click on “Permissions”. The screen below will appear:

Add the FBML as a TAB

Add the FBML as a TAB

Make sure that both box and tab say ADDED, which means that there’s a navigation tab just for the new page you created within your regular Facebook Fan Page.

That’s it! Feel free to leave me any questions or suggestions on the comments.

Your guerilla is my guerilla!

P.S – Tomorrow I’ll show you how to make sure your visitors land on the new page you’ve created instead of the regular wall! Stay tuned.

9 Responses to How To Create Customized Facebook Fan Pages With FBML
  1. Tim Ware

    Great post here! One thing you may want to advise your readers: Facebook intends to reduce the width of Static FBML pages from 760 pixels to 520 pixels in “early 2010”. I did a detailed post on the reduced width and other announced changes on my blog.

    Also, I’ve posted both a Static FBML FAQ and a Static FBML tutorial on our HyperArts blog, which your readers may find helpful.

    Keep up the fine work!

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  3. Charlotte Wright

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  4. Tampa Online Marketing

    Informative post. Just the thing Im looking for. Thanks for the step-step-by step process. 🙂

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  6. Jay D.

    facebook marketing is great but facebook does not like it i guess”-.

  7. Knife Sets ·

    Facebook marketing is a great way to market products but facebook is now cracking down on FB pages used to promote stuffs “”

  8. GuerillaRoberto

    Yes they are. And hard.

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