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Integrating Social Media Is An Advanced Guerilla Move..

So yesterday I posted about a social marketing manual for small businesses and I got a couple of questions in regards to the automatic updates from blog to Facebook and from Facebook to Twitter.

Well, here it goes:

Linking Your Blog To Facebook

If you click on the link above, you’ll watch a video tutorial I made a couple of months ago. Facebook changed A LOT since then, but the concept is the same.

1. Find Your Blog RSS Address

Usually, it will be something like Write it down.

Log into your Facebook account, and click on Notes.

Click on the Notes icon

Click on the Notes icon

Click on Import Settings (if you’re not importing any RSS, it may show Import Notes)

This tab will be on the upper right of your NOTES section

This tab will be on the upper right of your NOTES section

Then, all you have to do is enter your RSS address into this next form and click IMPORT

enter your RSS address and hit Submit

enter your RSS address and hit Import

Alright. Everytime a new RSS feed goes out (you write a new post), FB will display your post in full, as a new note.

Now, from FB to twitter, it’s even simpler (this is only for Fan pages):

Go to

You should see a screen like this (with your Fan pages)

You should see a screen like this (with your Fan pages)

From there, you just have to follow the instructions. Put your twitter log in and password, and you’re good to go.

Remember – Facebook is weird – sometimes it will update Twitter, sometimes it wont. I havent spent enough time to figure it out, but I know it works.

Let me know how it goes for you. Also, I’m thinking $47 for the Social Guerilla Manual. What do you think?

11 Responses to Integrating Social Media – Blog RSS to Facebook to Twitter Automatically
  1. New Media

    I just found your blog it’s cool. Quiet helpful advices will definitely be back. I am searching for the list of social bookmarking sites which could be sync together with facebook and twitter, can you help in this regard.

    Best Regards,

  2. guerilla

    Hey Hasan,
    Thanks for stopping by, I really appreciate your comment. I dont know of any social bookmarking service that automatically links to FB or Twitter. The closest thing I know of is using the DIGG bar or the STUMBLE UPON bar – they have links to FB & Twitter that you can click to update them. Also, Youtube now updates both FB & twitter whenever you perform an action.
    Take care, and come back often!

  3. Outer Banks Landscaping

    I found this really cool – integrating RSS to facebook. Very informative.

  4. Caroline

    This is really quite helpful. Importing stuff from my facebook for business has proven worthwhile but how do I go about it iin Twitter?

  5. cholmondley

    Hey, this one is really fabulous, apart from importing from social networking sites like facebook, can it apply on yahoo? Help with this matter.

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  7. Phoebe Clarke

    RSS Feeds are really very helpful and you could get site and news updates from it..,*

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  9. GuerillaRoberto

    Glad to be of service. It is only through the free spread of knowledge that everyone can prosper. Hopefully you’ll find something else useful the next time you visit, as well. Thanks for visiting.

  10. Daniel Evans

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  11. Robert Ahmed

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