Does Your Business Suffer From Social Media Anxiety?

Social Media Anxiety affects MANY businesses... Kill It Now!

Social Media Anxiety affects MANY businesses... Kill It Now!

You’ve received an internationally famed professional into your company, he presented super cool new techniques, and you’re very excited about it…. Who do you tell?

You’ve just won an award of excellence that was voted on by your own community …. Who’s going to know about it?

Guerilleros, the situations above may seem impossible for us, but they are REALITY for way-too-many business owners. Trust me – I’ve had clients that won a State Tournaments in a major category and they told me about it two months later.

Sometimes, they will even surprise me and run a freaking TV ad bragging about their award…

But most of the time, they simply do nothing. I’ve written about social media silos before, but this is way worse.

In your daily Guerilla, I’m sure you run into people that still see blogs and social networks as a useless teenage passtime, like MTV. But have you ever asked these people how much they spend on Press Releases? Impressive enough, if they even have a PR budget, they will eventually drive themselves into this conclusion:

“I’m smart enough to pay this super famous magician to come entertain the drunks at my bar – I may be even smart enough to change the message on the Marquee – But where else can I post such a major announcement? Huhh… Maybe, if I had a platform I could update as I see fit, that my current drunks and potential drunks from the area would check, maybe leave a comment, or even see their own pictures?”

So lose the darn Social Media Anxiety – everything is BLOGsworthy

Receptionist had a baby? Post about it.
Have a crazy customer? Post about it (but omit the names)
Just closed a major deal? Post about it.
PR people wants to charge you $400/release? Laugh about it and post about it.

And to make sure you post gets seen (also, to reduce the traffic anxiety issues) be sure to start using SYNND.

You can sign for a free trial here

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