Social Media Marketing for an Online Store?

Social Media Halloween? Scary!

Social Media Halloween? Scary!

Guerilleros, today I ask for advice – my social guerilla skills have been put to test and I’m falling short at this moment.

I’ve been given the opportunity to manage the social marketing for an online costume store for toddlers called – tcharan… – Their stuff is really cool (a bit pricey, but so am I…)

They’re brand new online, and according to their analytics, they’ve been receiving a decent amount of organic traffic for keywords such as kids harry potter halloween costumes and cinderella halloween costumes.

They need, however, to increase their brand exposure and want to interact with their customers through Social Media. (Dont we all?)

Their blog is well advertised within the site (on the upper right corner), but receives very little traffic. Apparently, their posts have been indexed, some are even on Digg and Reddit, but far from achieving the social viral effect.

Here’s my issue – social marketing for “real” businesses has the advantage that I can go in and get footage of their service/products, which makes content much more viral-friendly. For an online store, however, I’m coming up blank when I try to create an identity that doesnt consist of “buy our costumes”.

I’ve looked at Zappos and to a certain extent, Amazon, but their approach to Social Media is nothing like what these guys want to do: Zappos has their CEO on twitter, and on a personal blog, which adds a persona, a “face” to the brand. He barely speaks of the company’s products on his blog.

What CuteToddlers has been doing is basically discussing and advertising their costumes on the blog – yes, they add lots of personal touches to the posts, but they’re still salesy. Maybe that’s what I should work towards – getting a social media fan within the company and working with her/him to create a company “persona”.

What do you think?

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