What’s The Best Time To Send Email Blasts? Confusing Infographic Unsuccessfully Explains

Email marketing may not be as sexy as behaviorally-targeted social messaging or some of the newest ways we’re able to reach customers, but it’s very much alive because it provides an efficient and cost-effective solution. But picking the best time to send those blasts is nothing short of trickery. Or is it?

After years of developing and analyzing email marketing campaigns, from 2-300 email lists to the ones over 1 million subscribers, the truth about it is that it depends. Yeah, that’s an irritating answer, but the truth is each email list responds differently, and the reason is simple: the way each email list is built determines what triggers the best response.

For newsletters, for example, best open rates are on the weekends, around mid-morning. That’s when folks feel more comfortable to catch up on the news. Ecommerce messages are best suited for early morning or after 8pm on weekdays. Shoppers are more likely to treat themselves right before or right after a long workday.

See The Infographic Below

Infographic courtesy of GetResponse

Other Variables to Consider

Few other points that supposedly affect email open/read rates:

  • Day of the week
  • Length of subject line
  • Capitalization of Subject Line
  • Special characters™ in the subject line

The most important factor in determining your email marketing success comes down to nothing but trust.

How Exactly Does Trust Work in Emails?

Just like any other relationship, there needs to be value given on both ends. A user signing up for news must receive newsworthy content. Shoppers must receive valuable deals. However, for outstanding results, you must offer remarkable value.

Users must feel that by investing their precious time into your email they’re getting a great return on investment. If you were receiving your emails, would you consider it a good investment of time?

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