Underground Guerilla: The Social Bookmarking / Backlinks Relation

Guerilleros, you’ve probably heard about the Del.iciou.s trend: bookmarking your favorite websites into online services, so you can access it from any computer, and even share them with friends.

That, my brother&sister-in-war, is a huge social media guerilla opportunity, and it’s so powerful that it’s giving Google a hard time to track.

The thing is that with the record-keeping of your favorites in a remote, public location, you’re creating a link from that platform to your website/blog.

As you already know, the more links you have pointing to your website, the more Google will enjoy you. And being friends with Google is like nuclear weapons to North Korea: it makes you untouchable.

Of course, Guerilla Marketing is not about blowing radiation on the competition, but achieving massive results under the radar, without turning spotlights on your campaign. it involves subtle moves, and social bookmarking is extremely subtle.

Boring, but subtle ๐Ÿ˜‰

Stop the atomic talk and tell me: What is Social Bookmarking?

You’ll see on the bottom of this post a button that says “share/save”. Hover your mouse over it and lots of icons will popup, some of which you may recognize; those are social media platforms that will accept your bookmark entry.

Average users usually pick one of those platforms, and stick to it. The widely known Del.icious is one of the most famous social bookmarking services.

As you post your bookmarks, other users will see it, and they may go visit it as well. If they like it, they bookmark it also – get the hint?

This bookmarking cycle generates ‘buzz’, and what is the point of any guerilla marketing campaign? GO VIRAL!

But.. It’s not that easy to create viral content..

Exactly – social bookmarking alone won’t get your content to go viral or bring much traffic to your website. For that, you need to actually BE SOCIAL: make friends on Del.icious, Diig, Diigo… so you have people that pay a bit of extra attention to your bookmarks.

However, building relationships take time and can be a pain…

So why bother using social bookmarks?

Remember what I said in the beginning of this post about creating links to your website?

While you’re making friends and socializing in one network, go ahead and post your website to ANY bookmarking service available. Even though some services are less populated than a desert, they may still share some link juice.

Below is a screenshot of this very own blog, with less than a month of existence, showing the results of posting to only two or three social platforms:

Backlinks from social bookmarking alone

Backlinks from social bookmarking alone

As you see, Yahoo! Site Explorer has 8 incoming links pointing to us – and that’s from 5 platforms alone: Diigo, Facebook, FriendFeed, IceRocket, and MyBlogLog.

What are the best services?

  • Delicious
  • Diigo
  • MyBlogLog (for blogs, duh!)
  • BuddyMarks
  • SocialMedian
  • Mister Wong
  • Jumptags
  • Reddit

And those are just a few… You can use the ‘Share/Save’ button below (you BETTER USE IT!) and get some ideas of networks to use.

What If I don’t have time to bookmark in all of these services?


Well, if you’re really short in time, you can use a social bookmarking software.

Even though highly effective, this technology is rather new and it’s difficult to guarantee results. The best strategy is to createย  a large, active content syndication network, that will leverage your content throughout multiple social platforms.

And be sure to come back and share your results with us! Comments ARE APPRECIATED!!!!

16 Responses to Underground Guerilla: The Social Bookmarking / Backlinks Relation
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  2. Torben Rick

    Thanks for a great post ๐Ÿ™‚

    But way post to delicious when is a “no-follow” – no backlink value?

  3. guerilla

    Torben, the whole no-follow mess has been discussed a lot lately, and Matt Cutts (from Google) clarified that even with the no-follow attribute, links are picked up by their spiders and still count. Google may not list the delicious post as a backlink, but other SEs will. Also, from the traffic you get from Delicious, Digg, etc… you increase your chances of getting backlinks from one of those visitors that has a blog and liked what you wrote. See?

  4. Torben Rick

    Big thanks – I didn’t know that Matt Cutts (from Google) have said that. Do yuu where I can read more about that?

    Thanks and have a nice week-end

  5. guerilla

    Torben, you can read part of it here: http://www.mattcutts.com/blog/pagerank-sculpting/
    I know there’s also a video somewhere on Youtube with Matt talking about it – you can try and find it if you want.
    Take care!

  6. BookmarkPoster standalone

    Social bookmarking is great but very time consuming but i have made my own tool to make it easier ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. guerilla

    Dude, I understand. Bookmarking by yourself can be really time consuming – that’s why I recommend you get SYNND – you can see it in action here: http://www.socialmediaguerilla.com/letter.html

  8. Harrison Ward

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  9. GuerillaRoberto

    Yeah, it can definitely be difficult. And we are actually going to address that issue in the next blog post. So come back and see us!

  10. Elizabeth Taylor

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  11. GuerillaRoberto

    That is very true. However, remember to make sure your site is full of quality content to get those backlinks. Thanks for visiting, Elizabeth.

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  14. tina

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