10 Responses to Improve Your Chances To Go Viral On Twitter With Simple Snippet
  1. Lisa Stevens

    Interesting article. Anyone interested in Twitter should listen to Guy Kawasaki as he is the “Twitter King!” Guy recently gave a seminar in San Diego regarding how to build your business through Social Media.
    Check it out: http://www.youreeeka.com/content-network/
    WELL WORTH the $19.99…..very insightful!

  2. Kieran(searchbrat)

    Cheers for this post. I just used the tip in my last blog post and gave you a well deserved shout out !!!

  3. guerilla

    Lisa, I have great respect for Guy Kawasaki, and on my post about the viral effect of guerilla marketing I discuss how approaching these twitter celebrities is beneficial for your business. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. guerilla

    Hey Kieran,
    Appreciate you stopping by, I enjoy your blog a lot! I left you a comment on your last post – great seo tips there. By the way, Flash is still not ranking well for SEO. That last commenter there is tripping 😉

  5. Kieran(searchbrat)

    Ha cheers for that, really enjoy your blog. I love posts where I can implement something straight away. That little RT snippet is really cool.

    Yeah, thought i was just being a little hard on flash but nah … i am still not a fan 🙂

  6. Eric Watkins

    Yeah, these tips will work great has anyone heard about the online cross posting script yet? This traffic tip kills. I wrote an article on my blog at http://eznlegal.blogspot.com if you have time you should check it out. 🙂

  7. guerilla

    Thanks for stopping by, Eric. Those scripts work great if you dont care what you’re posting and all you want is search engine traffic, because they pull random info out of RSS feeds and all.
    If yours is different, let me know. I’m definitely interested.

  8. Eric Watkins

    A Sneak peak if you have not looked at the article I posted on my blog is the WordPress multi user cross posting script.
    ~keyword-wpsignup.php “”powered by wordpress””

    That will pull up all wp blogswith high page ranks that you can sign up and post article and get high quality back links.

    Read my whole article posted on EZnLegal Blog http://eznlegal.blogspot.com and see how to take advantage of this technique.

    I give it away to my visitors free without signing up for anything check it out when you have time and let me know how it worked for you. Good luck Guerilla!

  9. Katelyn Henderson

    viral marketing is the best but you have to think of a great idea that goes viral~-*

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