Gartner 2016 CMO Survey Shows Even B2Bs Investing in Digital Commerce

Today, management looks to marketers for innovation to increase profits and gain competitive edge. 10% of marketers say their roles are expanding to lead digital business models as spending and expectations grow for CMOs and their teams. And with a whopping 92% of survey respondents claiming to have P&L responsibilities in the next couple years, it’s not surprising that B2C and B2B companies are investing in Digital Commerce to build better brand experiences overall.
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Connect to Consumers – and Convert! – Using these 5 Tips

There is a massive love affair going on between people and their smartphones. When 80 percent of people confess to checking their phones within 15 minutes of awakening, you know things have gotten serious. So, we know people are connected to their phones, but how to we, as businesses, connect to those people? Given the massive trend towards mobile marketing, it turns out that building a relationship with cell phone users is nothing short of essential to your company’s success. With that in mind, here are 5 tips you can use to connect and convert to the consumers you’re business needs most:
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Now Hiring – Inbound Marketing Specialist (NY or OH)

The guerilla never stops but we need to enlist new talented soldiers – I’m happy to announce we’ve opened a contract spot for an experienced digital marketer at LexisNexis. This person would be in the office (either NYC or Dayton, OH) and dive pretty deep into PPC (including Paid Social), SEO, and content marketing. We’re looking for an immediate hire, so if you’re interested or know someone who’ll be perfect, check out the full job description below:
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What’s The Best Time To Send Email Blasts? Confusing Infographic Unsuccessfully Explains

Email marketing may not be as sexy as behaviorally-targeted social messaging or some of the newest ways we’re able to reach customers, but it’s very much alive because it provides an efficient and cost-effective solution. But picking the best time to send those blasts is nothing short of trickery. Or is it?

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Social Media Terrorists – How To Properly (maybe) Negotiate With Them!

Being able to reach brands almost instantly, tearing down corporate walls with a tweet, is one of the reasons social media gurus get weird boners at conventions. However, there are those who take this little thread of power too far and terrorize brands.

You’ve probably seen these terrorists – they’re big fans of caps lock, add irrelevant comments to every single one of your posts on Facebook, and open twitter accounts to inundate your replies feed.
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