Jeff Johnson’s Coaching Program Is Live – Here’s The Guerilla Bonus!

Social Media Guerilla BIG Bonus for Jeff Johnson

Social Media Guerilla BIG Bonus for Jeff Johnson

So Jeff Johnson’s private coaching program went live a few minutes ago – (he’s the guy that created the free seo traffic plugin for wordpress) and we’ve put together a KILLER bonus if any of our guerilleros(as) wants to get access to his tremendous knowledge and cool tools.

First of all, Jeff is offering a full 30-day money back guarantee AND letting you keep all the tools. So there’s NOTHING at risk here.

Second of all, you get FULL ACCESS to my entire TEAM.

Yes, you read it right:

My entire team will be available to you to help out on any marketing endeavor that Jeff puts you through.

Need to setup a blog? Get my team to do it.

Need to learn how to use Camtasia? Get my team to do it.

Want to have your twitter and facebook updates outsourced? Want to manage multiple twitter accounts?

Let my team find you the best way.


$1500 BONUS For Jeff Johnson

PLUS – you get 10 hours of consulting from me – I will give you my personal cell phone number (the one I answer) and you will have a $1500 credit to get me to answer all your questions and help in any project!

Heck – with my team and Jeff’s team helping you out, there’s NO WAY to stop you from making money.

Get in NOW:

Click here to get on Jeff’s program

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