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Social Guerilla BOOST – the Synnd Software & Content Syndication

Social Media Guerilla will boost your Synnd software!

Social Media Guerilla will boost your Synnd software!

If you have been trying to make sense of Social Media Marketing you’ve probably figured out that it takes A LOT OF TIME to create enough traffic through blogging, social bookmarking, twitter, etc…

And it can be very frustrating – you spend an hour or so writing a blog post (after setting up your blog), submit it to Digg, Twitter, Facebook, blah blah blah… And you get 30 visits. Maybe one comment.

This may be okay if all you want is your family to come look at your blog, but it is UNACCEPTABLE for a good Guerilla. Seriously, are you going to win any battles with 30 visits?

Well, another Guerillero, with a lot more social war experience than you and me together, ran into this very same issue  – and did something about it.

He figured out that the most successful social media warriors had TONS of friends – and those friends were actively replicating their content, retweeting, digging, embedding, etc… He learned the secret of the social viral effect.

Content Syndication

You put “social viral effect” in fancy terms using Content Syndication – it means other people spreading your content (video, article, post, tweet) throughout the net. It’s the most effective form of social guerilla, as effective as word of mouth.

With that said, what that experienced Guerillero did was put together a software that gathered all of the content from his closed community of friends, posted on a bunch of different social sites, and voted on each one of them in order to make them popular.

Genious, right? The software completely eliminated the time it took to bookmark your post to delicious, digg, reddit, twitter, facebook… And boosted that social bookmarking with AUTOMATIC actions that would bump your content up.

The Synnd Software

Synnd works in a simple way: You post your video/post/article like you’d normally do. Then you tell the software what you want it to do – bookmark it, tweet it, or “vote it” (on services like Digg and Reddit). You can pick all of them if you want.

The software then publishes that new “job” to the entire community, and automatically gets other users to perform the “job” you selected. Within a couple of days, your content was bookmarked several times in several different services, which results in:

More traffic (from those social services) – More backlinks (Google indexes “popular” content faster) – Even more traffic (from Google).

Just like magic – you’re back to writing good content, which is the real money-maker, and let the software do its thing.

Today, the software is in Beta testing and a handful of guerilleros are being accepted.

I’m one of those – and you can be too.

Sign up for a test drive of SYNND here

Social Guerilla Marketing Long Term Battle: Building a Community

On the other side of the fence, in the offline world, regular people are being bombarded by us Social Media Guerilleros, and they’re slowly waking up to a world where the phone is a secondary tool and relationships are created and sustained online.

It’s a matter of time until our Guerilla transforms telephones into antiques.

But for offline people whose Facebook account is the ultimate experience with social media, the idea of building a community online may be a bit too much to handle.

Recently, my offline Guerilla introduced me to an offline professional to whom the phone was a fundamental tool. He had learned of my services and invited me to talk about using the internet to generate leads so he could – guess – CALL THEM.

Of course, he’s built success around this strategy and now wants to join the online world (even if it is with a offline mentality), but as our conversation goes from attraction marketing to pay-per-click to blogs, he starts to grasp the softer, more maleable side of online marketing.

I introduced him to the idea of using his knowledge and expertise to attract people to him – the Social Media Guerilla strategy, right?

Okay, maybe I didn’t introduce that to him, but I showed him infinite ways he could make his knowledge available to others and how, given the right tools, it could not only go VIRAL, but receive feedback from thousands of people that he’d NEVER be able to reach over the phone.

As I went on about content syndication, and creating a real social network, he started to realize how his social guerilla efforts would eventually lead to him becoming a knowledge provider, and people seeking him for advice.

For a second there, I think I saw him look at the phone with a sad look 😉

We settled on creating a blog, with the right tools to manage and keep a community active – autoresponder, feedburner, and active social networking profiles.

Now, he’s excited to take some time away from the phone to start producing high-quality content, and has already given me enough data to produce his first eBook.

We Could Plan For Social Media Marketing Domination, But…

He needed to understand that despite the amazing immediate benefits of taking an active role in social marketing (in his case, we’re going to blow his customers away by giving them all this content for free), building a community is a long term project.

Connie Bensen, author of the community strategist blog, writes about building a web 2.0 community – a community 2.0:

Community is a new channel for business. It offers new strategies for customer acquisition, customer satisfaction, retention, product development & the list goes on… but it takes a human touch!

Of course, as he churns out articles, reviews, and lots of data, his online market share expands. But in the long run, he’ll be solidifying his presence online and feeding a monstrous business engine, made of his own community.

I can’t wait until more offline people wake up and join the Guerilla!

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