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Jeff Johnson’s Cool (and free) Traffic-Getting SEO Plugin For WordPress

Jeff Johnson's Traffic-Getting SEO Plugin

Jeff Johnson's Traffic-Getting SEO Plugin

It’s pretty hard to talk about any kind of social media marketing without going through a good list of WordPress plugins. Every blogger has their preferred set, but nobody really talks about them.

Advanced users may even step into the programming side and make their own tweaks to plugins such as TweetMeMe or the XML-sitemap generator. But it takes time – too much precious time!

But what if you could install ONE single plugin that would install all of the others by itself? And configure them to bring the most traffic?

Jeff Johnson decided to take up on the idea and turned his list of SEO plugins into a fully automated traffic-getting collection. And he’s giving it away for free!

Jeff’s FREE plugin performs 36 core optimizations (like using a better permalink structure) within your wordpress interface to increase on-page and off-page SEO. And it comes with a list of the 6 MUST-HAVE plugins ready to install at the click of a button.

The list includes classics such as the ALL-IN-ONE SEO and the Sociable Plugin, but also includes sneaky ones like the PING OPTIMIZER.

Overall, it’s a basic list – but one that every blog must have.

I use it on niche blogs that I really dont want to spend too much time on – just set it and forget it. The thing works wonders!

Of course, I’m going to give you my affiliate link so you can go and get your free seo plugin. But the whole thing is REALLY free – there’s no catch. And it works, so I feel comfortable recommending it. Go and get it!

here’s the link to the plugin

Integrating Social Media – Blog RSS to Facebook to Twitter Automatically


Integrating Social Media Is An Advanced Guerilla Move..

So yesterday I posted about a social marketing manual for small businesses and I got a couple of questions in regards to the automatic updates from blog to Facebook and from Facebook to Twitter.

Well, here it goes:

Linking Your Blog To Facebook

If you click on the link above, you’ll watch a video tutorial I made a couple of months ago. Facebook changed A LOT since then, but the concept is the same.

1. Find Your Blog RSS Address

Usually, it will be something like Write it down.

Log into your Facebook account, and click on Notes.

Click on the Notes icon

Click on the Notes icon

Click on Import Settings (if you’re not importing any RSS, it may show Import Notes)

This tab will be on the upper right of your NOTES section

This tab will be on the upper right of your NOTES section

Then, all you have to do is enter your RSS address into this next form and click IMPORT

enter your RSS address and hit Submit

enter your RSS address and hit Import

Alright. Everytime a new RSS feed goes out (you write a new post), FB will display your post in full, as a new note.

Now, from FB to twitter, it’s even simpler (this is only for Fan pages):

Go to

You should see a screen like this (with your Fan pages)

You should see a screen like this (with your Fan pages)

From there, you just have to follow the instructions. Put your twitter log in and password, and you’re good to go.

Remember – Facebook is weird – sometimes it will update Twitter, sometimes it wont. I havent spent enough time to figure it out, but I know it works.

Let me know how it goes for you. Also, I’m thinking $47 for the Social Guerilla Manual. What do you think?

An Idea: Social Media Guerilla For Small Brick & Mortar Business

Most small business owners are scared of Social Media

Most small business owners are scared of Social Media

Guerilleros, here’s an idea: a Social Media Guerilla manual for small businesses.

You guys impressed me so much with your ideas for the social marketing campaign for an online store that I want to open this up for discussion.

My company has been running Social Media Marketing for a handful of local businesses – I’ve posted some of their results here already.

But a lot of smart business owners are scared of social media – they either think it will clog their schedule with Facebook & twitter or they just dont want to let of their control over the brand. (which is BS and we all know it)

I thought about putting together a manual that gives them a clear action path for social updates – something like this:

Events such as a big landscaping project, a nice wedding catering, or a funny mma fight a  become a full blog post – write a quick blurb about the event (Who, What, Where, When, Why) and attach the most relevant pictures with the people’s names on them (so their names are indexed and they can find it)

After each blog post, you update Facebook (your profile, the fan page…) about the new blog post you wrote, and let the Fan page update your twitter automatically.

In between events (I’m assuming they wont post something new everyday) you can upload one pic every now and then to Facebook with a teaser to their blog.

What do you think, Guerilla brothers?

Let me know – leave a comment!

What Is Content Syndication & Why Should You Care?

Content Syndication = Your Own NON-PAID Army of Marketers

Content Syndication = Your Own NON-PAID Army of Marketers

You write a blog post.

You tell somebody on twitter about it.

That person comes in, likes what you wrote, and click on the “add to digg” button.

When that person posts your article on Digg, their app automatically updates that person’s twitter saying that she’d just digged your blog.

That person’s twitter followers come to Digg and see your post. They read it through the Digg toolbar, and automatically “digg it”.

Now that more people have “Digged it”, your post is up on the Popular section of Digg – and you reach tons of other Digg users, who repeat the process.

This is called Content Syndication and it basically means Viral Marketing through Social Media.

Expanding The Syndication Of Your Content

In the example above, all you’ve done was update your twitter about the new post. Let’s say that brought 10 visitors to your blog.

What if you had updated Digg, Reddit, Jumptags, Social Median, Simply, Delicious, Folkd, Facebook, and Twitter?

Now, you may argue that you might not have as many friends on Delicious as you have on Twitter. That’s a good argument, one that leads to the understanding of what Content Syndication really is based upon: SOCIAL CONNECTIONS.

Here are tools that will help boosting your Content Syndication:

The Add To Any WordPress Plugin

You can see it at the bottom of this post – it even goes along the RSS feed. When you click on any option, the Permalink, Title, Description, and upper image are automatically inserted to the submit form of the service, reducing your time considerably.

You can get your add to any here


An impressive application that updates nearly ALL social services with the touch of a button – requires that you initially add each of your social networks to their list. They will then store your info and everytime you send a new update, it will refresh your status throughout as many social networks as you’d like.

Sign up for a account here

But You’re Still Alone…

Even with these great services, your submissions may very well never be clicked by anybody if you dont have an active social community of your own.

Luckily, there is a way to fix that: The Synnd Software

Synnd is a private community that exists solely to vote/bookmark/spread other users’ content, therefore guaranteeing a successful syndication (one that creates a viral marketing effect).

See the Synnd software in action here.

Exploring the benefits of social media and content syndication is a way to work around getting free traffic without having to know SEO and definitely not spending money with PPC.

If you’d like to know more about Synnd, leave your questions below.

If you dont want to know anything about it, leave your comments below.

If you hated my disorganized writing, leave your comments below.

See you soon.

Buy A Synnd Membership & Get Free SEO Backlinks!

Synnd membership bonus: free relevant backlinks!

Synnd membership bonus: free relevant backlinks!


Yeah Guerilleros, you read it right – buy a Synnd membership from me and I will hook you up with highly-beneficial backlinks that you JUICE up your SEO.

Here’s the deal – a lot of social media soldiers read my post about Synnd and content syndication and were interested in trying out the software.

To help in their Guerilla, I’ve created a little page with videos that explain exactly how Synnd works (videos done by Charles Heflin himself – creator of the software). Along with the videos, theres’a link to their 7-day trial – which will give FULL access for a week.

But here’s the BIG BONUS – You sign up right now, and I will have a link to your page/blog/squeeze page STAMPED on every page of the socialmediaguerilla blog.

That’s a huge boost on your SEO – and it’d cost upwards of $500 to have it done otherwise (link-building is really expensive). It will help out in your battles against Google.

So there you go – if you want to automate your social media marketing, get Synnd now (and get my SEO JUICE bonus too)

See you soon!

Social Guerilla BOOST – the Synnd Software & Content Syndication

Social Media Guerilla will boost your Synnd software!

Social Media Guerilla will boost your Synnd software!

If you have been trying to make sense of Social Media Marketing you’ve probably figured out that it takes A LOT OF TIME to create enough traffic through blogging, social bookmarking, twitter, etc…

And it can be very frustrating – you spend an hour or so writing a blog post (after setting up your blog), submit it to Digg, Twitter, Facebook, blah blah blah… And you get 30 visits. Maybe one comment.

This may be okay if all you want is your family to come look at your blog, but it is UNACCEPTABLE for a good Guerilla. Seriously, are you going to win any battles with 30 visits?

Well, another Guerillero, with a lot more social war experience than you and me together, ran into this very same issue  – and did something about it.

He figured out that the most successful social media warriors had TONS of friends – and those friends were actively replicating their content, retweeting, digging, embedding, etc… He learned the secret of the social viral effect.

Content Syndication

You put “social viral effect” in fancy terms using Content Syndication – it means other people spreading your content (video, article, post, tweet) throughout the net. It’s the most effective form of social guerilla, as effective as word of mouth.

With that said, what that experienced Guerillero did was put together a software that gathered all of the content from his closed community of friends, posted on a bunch of different social sites, and voted on each one of them in order to make them popular.

Genious, right? The software completely eliminated the time it took to bookmark your post to delicious, digg, reddit, twitter, facebook… And boosted that social bookmarking with AUTOMATIC actions that would bump your content up.

The Synnd Software

Synnd works in a simple way: You post your video/post/article like you’d normally do. Then you tell the software what you want it to do – bookmark it, tweet it, or “vote it” (on services like Digg and Reddit). You can pick all of them if you want.

The software then publishes that new “job” to the entire community, and automatically gets other users to perform the “job” you selected. Within a couple of days, your content was bookmarked several times in several different services, which results in:

More traffic (from those social services) – More backlinks (Google indexes “popular” content faster) – Even more traffic (from Google).

Just like magic – you’re back to writing good content, which is the real money-maker, and let the software do its thing.

Today, the software is in Beta testing and a handful of guerilleros are being accepted.

I’m one of those – and you can be too.

Sign up for a test drive of SYNND here

PPC is trying to catch up to Social Media – How Relevant Is Your Guerilla?

So a couple of days ago I asked for your advice to help me come up with a social marketing plan for my new client,

I got some great responses, but the two that stood out the most were from Alex, who said

You could try to set up a Twitter stream with daily cool articles about kids stuff and start to follow relevant parents. How about that?

And from Adori, who said

What about getting parents to upload photos of their cuties in the costumes along with a brief write up of how much fun the day was and how the costume was a trill etc. Parents love to splash photos of their kids around.

Thank you, guys! Your ideas are by far the best route I have so far – and yes, Adori, parents fo love to splash their kids’ pics around. I’ll work with their design team to get that promotion off the ground.

But while I was researching on this topic, I came up with a surprisingly good guerilla advice from a mainstream Google sales guy, at the Inside Adwords blog:

Basically, what Jim Lecinsky is saying is what we all knew: you cant beat your customer over the head with your ad and expect them to drop what they’re doing and run to your site. He says PPC ads should now focus on adding value rather than disrupt their search/navigation.

And I’m back here thinking… isnt that what we call a BLOG? Duh !

So now, PPC is trying to catch up to Social Media and we have to fine-tune our stuff. Or not?

The people at Cute Toddlers have been running a series of content network campaigns, and their results are terribly common – average on-site time: 10seconds / bounce rate: 60%. They dont offer any value, they simply send people to what they’re looking for: costumes!

But, following Adori’s idea, if I had a campaign going where parents would post their Halloween pictures and maybe win free costumes, I could very well run that through PPC and… would my results be any better?

What do you think? Have you re-considered your PPC campaigns? Will my/Adori’s idea work?

Stay tuned… I will post it all here!

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